3 products

3 products

Welding helmet is one of the most important protective equipment for welding to protect eyes and skin of the welder. Many professional welders still prefer traditional helmets with glass lenses. These passive helmets provide cheap protection, but every time you want to examine your welds, you must lift the helmet and then reposition and secure it when flipped down. This is a fast and simple action, but after hundreds of times, it will consume a lot of time and energy.

Auto-darkening welding helmet not only could prevent harmful arc, but also can easily be switched between bright and dark without lifting the helmet. In addition, they are comfortable and offer a variety of colors and graphics so you can express your personality.

The panoramic auto-darkening welding helmet adds another layer of comfort and efficiency in the 180 ° field of view. The anti-fogging helmet takes the anti-fog design one step further. The extra-large view helmet provides greater visibility than other and the hemispherical shell helmet not only provides a wide range of vision but also makes you stand out from other welders.

Helmets Title Hobby 1.2 Moto 1.5 FogAway 2.5 Max 20 Moto 2.5 Moto 90 Galaxy 20
For Beginner Heavy User
Dark States  DIN9~13  DIN 5~9/9~13 
ARC Sensors 2 4
View Area Normal Normal Panoramic Extra Large Panoramic Hemisphere Hemisphere
View Area Size  3.64'' x 1.67'' 3.64'' x 1.67'' 4.33'' x 2.37''  3.94'' x 3.66''  3.94'' x 3.27'' 3.94'' x 3.27'' 3.94'' x 3.27''
92.5*42.5mm 92.5*42.5mm 100*60mm 100*93mm 100*83mm 100*83mm 100*83mm
Side View N/A N/A Y
Lens Liquid Crystal Single Double Double Double Double Double Double
True Color N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y
External Control Darkness  Darkness  N/A  Darkness/ Sensitive/    Delay  Darkness  Darkness  Darkness 
Internal Control Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay   Darkness/ Sensitive/    Delay  N/A Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay 
Magnifying lens N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y
Weight 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.3lb/0.6kg 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.3lb/0.6kg 1.5lb/0.7kg 1.5lb/0.7kg
Battery Type  Non-replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable
Batteries Solar-charged Li-Mn Battery CR2450
Switching time ≤1/10000 Seconds 
UV/IR protection  Up to shade 16
Optical Class  1/1/1/2 
Light States  DIN4 
Materials  PP/PA 
Warranty 2 Years
Hardhat Tekware hardhat compatible
Meet Standards  ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3