The World 1st Hemispherical Design in Welding Helmet Shell

Tekware Spaceman Serials come with the hemispherical protection, protect you from harmful lights from all directions. 180°Broader vision, better reliable protection.The mission of Tekware ID designers is to make you enjoying welding while giving you the reliable protection.

Tekware Double Liquid Crystal Layer Solution

The ADF, or automatic darkening filter, consists of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), electronic components, solar cells/batteries, sensors and a UV/IR filter. Normal welding helmets are only having 1 layer LCD. Each Tekwarepro ADF concludes 2 layers LCDs with various features and shade protection options. During certification, the quality of an ADF is assessed in line with the US/European standard.

UV/IR Filter

A filter is used to reliably reflect optical radiation in the UV and IR range. The filter is permanently fitted in the ADF and offers permanent protection regardless of whether the darkening filter is in the dark or light state.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LCDs form part of the ADF. Amongst other things they contain liquid crystals which allow for automatic darkening of the filter. The arrangement of the liquid crystals is controlled by electric pulses. Different arrangements allow the liquid crystals to respond in different ways to the light intensity.


True Color Experience at Welding

A special UV-/IR-filter developed by Tekware allows a color realistic perception and brings color to the world of the welder.