Welding Helmet Headgear

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Welding Helmet Headgear
Tekware was created by the welder, for the welders. With dedication of thousands of welders, we are committed to providing high-quality products for every welder. We focus on every detail and intent to bring you a great experience.
Tekware Helmets Technical Details
Helmets Title Hobby 1.2 Moto 1.5 FogAway 2.5 Max 20 Moto 2.5 Moto 90 Galaxy 20
For Beginner Heavy User
Dark States  DIN9~13  DIN 5~9/9~13 
ARC Sensors 2 4
View Area Normal Normal Panoramic Extra Large Panoramic Hemisphere Hemisphere
View Area Size  3.64'' x 1.67'' 3.64'' x 1.67'' 4.33'' x 2.37''  3.94'' x 3.66''  3.94'' x 3.27'' 3.94'' x 3.27'' 3.94'' x 3.27''
92.5*42.5mm 92.5*42.5mm 100*60mm 100*93mm 100*83mm 100*83mm 100*83mm
Side View N/A N/A Y
Lens Liquid Crystal Single Double Double Double Double Double Double
True Color N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y
External Control Darkness  Darkness  N/A  Darkness/ Sensitive/    Delay  Darkness  Darkness  Darkness 
Internal Control Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay   Darkness/ Sensitive/    Delay  N/A Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay  Sensitive/ Delay 
Magnifying lens N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y
Weight 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.3lb/0.6kg 1.1lb/0.5kg 1.3lb/0.6kg 1.5lb/0.7kg 1.5lb/0.7kg
Battery Type  Non-replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable
Batteries Solar-charged Li-Mn Battery CR2450
Switching time ≤1/10000 Seconds 
UV/IR protection  Up to shade 16
Optical Class  1/1/1/2 
Light States  DIN4 
Materials  PP/PA 
Warranty 2 Years
Hardhat Tekware hardhat compatible
Meet Standards  ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3 

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